Hell's Wrath

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Hell's Wrath at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Helystra of Hell's Angels
Member crew(s) Hell's Angels, Academy of Sailing, Hell's Revenge
Organization Autocratic
Founded 6 February, 2006
Effectively dormant as of 29 March, 2009

Hell's Wrath was a flag on the Sage Ocean. It was founded on February 6, 2006 by Helystra and Hell's Angels.

Public statement

Nothin' ever stays the same, it's always gonna change I'm on my way.... Rearrangin', always changin', can't seem to stop the hands of time. Can't you see, it's changin' everything! Their irridescent wings faded to black. Their scaled horns turned to red. Golden halos became tarnished bronze, And pitchforks of light with dragon's breath they did forge.

The Demon Queen's former friends did forget something important: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so messengers she sent. "Tell them I'm coming," she cried, "And hell's coming with me!" And from the flames in her eyes, Hell's Wrath was born.

To this very day, no statement could be more true. Helystra may be gone, but the legacy of Hell's Wrath will live on forever in the hearts of many. As time marches on, and the crown is passed down, the goals of this flag will remain the same. Hell is coming!


02-February-2006: Flag founded by Helystra and the crew Hell's Angels

27-February-2006: Standing Alone joined the flag.

04-March-2006: Standing Alone disbanded. (Approximate)

11-March-2006: GODS OF THUNDER joined Hell's Wrath. Charter amended.

25-March-2006: Disillusioned joined Hell's Wrath. Charter amended. The first flagwide officer meeting was called.

28-March-2006: Gaisgich na Mara joined Hell's Wrath.

Early April 2006: Without warning, Piratepapa disbands GODS OF THUNDER. Shellywabbit quickly forms Dark Storm Pirates using officers from that crew and rejoins the flag. Flames of Passion joins the flag.

13-May-2006: Hell's Wrath and Go With The Flow break the Sage Ocean's history of 3 round blockades. GWTF came from two down to defend Admiral Island against Quixotic Tangent while Hell's Wrath waged even battles against the Allied Saruyama Forces, taking Caravanserai in the last fifteen minutes of round five.

20-May-2006: Hell's Wrath is defeated by Quixotic Tangent in a 3 round sinking blockade at Caravanserai II.

Early June 2006: All active crews in Hell's Wrath joined Deadman's Vengeance, leaving behind an alt crew Hell's Revenge to hold the flag and Spaniel Island.

01-July-2006: Hell's Angels, Disillusioned and Dark Storm Pirates returned to the flag.

05-July-2006: Thebigmattb merges his flag The Camarilla with Hell's Wrath, bringing the crews Tremere and Academy of Sailing. Tears of Atlantis also join the flag.

Late-July-2006: Booty Callers join Hell's Wrath

25-August-2005: Siren's Song joins Hell's Wrath

10-September-2006: Hell's Wrath wins the Sage 24 Hour Blockade event and chooses Scrimshaw as the next large island to be opened on Sage

10-October-2006: Siren's Song leaves Hell's Wrath to reform their flag Illium Eternae

15-October-2006: Dark Storm Pirates leaves Hell's Wrath to join Black Flag

16-October-2006: Helystra decides to take a vacation from politics and power to tend to some real life issues. She names Lilyanna as her successor to the throne, marries Ang and steps down as Monarch and Captain of Hell's Angels.

17-October-2006: Booty Callers leaves Hell's Wrath and joins Les Aristocrates

Fall of 2006: Hell's Wrath combines briefly with Mind Games and then separates again.

18-November 2006: The Avengers took control of Spaniel Island in a three round non-sinking blockade.

01-January-2007: Hell's Wrath is revived with Ang as Monarch.

11-January-2007: Hell's Wrath wins the first event blockade in Admiral's 49-Leagues-To-Halley-Is-To-Far-To-Move-Sloops-And-Cutters Blockade! by a one point margin, besting Rogues of Sage 155-154.

21-Febuary-2007: Ang steps down as monarch and retires from Sage. Bluemacaw is made the new Queen.

21-April-2007: Kakraphoon Island blockade is won (3 rounds) against Candy Coated Chaos (1 round) and Passive Aggression (0 rounds)

7-July-2007: Kakraphoon Island blockade is won (3 rounds) against Shadows Of Sage (2 rounds)

12-August-2007: Kakraphoon blockade is won (3 rounds) against Raving Notion (1 round)

19-August-2007: Kakraphoon blockade is won (3 rounds) against Raving Notion (2 rounds)

22-September-2007: Barnabas the Pale took control of Kakraphoon in a three-round sinking blockade.

13-October-2007: Due to disagreement about whether the current monarch or the founder of the flag had the rights to it, Bluemacaw started a new flag, Poseidian Oracle.

19-October-2007: Helystra is given back her flag.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 13 May 2006 Caravanserai I Attacking Yes none vs. Hell's Wrath, Allied Saruyama Forces 0:3:2 Won island
2 20 May 2006 Caravanserai II Defending Yes Hell's Wrath vs. Quixotic Tangent 0:3 Lost island
3 18 November 2006 Spaniel IV Defending No Hell's Wrath vs. The Avengers 0:3 Lost island
4 21 April 2007 Kakraphoon I Attacking Yes none vs. Hell's Wrath, Candy Coated Chaos, Passive Aggression 0:3:1:0 Won island
5 30 June 2007 Kakraphoon II Defending Yes Hell's Wrath vs. Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness 3:0 Defended island
6 7 July 2007 Kakraphoon III Defending No Hell's Wrath vs. Shadows Of Sage 3:2 Defended island
7 12 August 2007 Kakraphoon IV Defending No Hell's Wrath vs. Raving Notion 3:1 Defended island
8 19 August 2007 Kakraphoon V Defending No Hell's Wrath vs. Raving Notion 3:2 Defended island
9 22 September 2007 Kakraphoon VI Defending Yes Hell's Wrath vs. Chthonic Horde 0:3 Lost island

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