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Tears of Atlantis

From YPPedia

Tears of Atlantis at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Lindskold
Senior Officer(s) Logomancer
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 11 August, 2007
dormant as of 18 May, 2009



Everyone knows of the tale of Atlantis, the great continent that sank beneath the waves. When the island sank, the the world and all its people cried out at the loss of its knowledge, life, and dreams. So strong where the emotions that were felt that the tears that were cried turned into crystals of light; beacons of hope for all the world to see.

Public Statement

Captain: Lindskold

"When Atlantis sank beneath the waves, the tears of sorrow shed at its loss hardened into crystals, shining brightly with hope for all the world to see."

Above all else, our goal is to have fun. We welcome all pirates age 14 or older to job with us. Crew chat should not exceed a PG-13 rating.

Jobbing Policies:

3 strikes and you're out. This also applies to being permanently blacklisted. Exceptions will be made for severe misconduct at any officer's discretion.
Please take a station quickly upon boarding and after battle.
Do not give orders unless you are an officer of this crew or its flag.
Do not ask to gun. We will ask you to gun if we need a gunner.
Booty is divided at the end of the pillage unless otherwise announced. You will be paid for the battles you complete whether you are logged in or not.

At this time, Tears of Atlantis is not hiring new crew.


Sometime in Janaury 2006, Lindskold informed Helystra of his desire to form his own crew and the original deadline for this was set for mid-May. Logomancer and Tzen were brought in on the plan as the deadline approached, then real-life got in the way as it is known to do. With his work schedule making it hard for him to be on at useful times, and a growing need for him to serve in his role as First Mate of Hell's Angels, Lindskold prepares to delay his plan. Unexpectedly, he gained the rank of Captain sooner than he planned, stepping in for Helystra during her time of need and letting her focus on the needs of Hell's Wrath. One month after he gained the rank of Captain, Lindskold stepped down and returned Helsytra to her one true place in the world. He remained First Mate until he moved in real life, forcing him offline for nearly a month. When he returned to the internet, Lindskold set about getting things in motion once more and brought all of Hell's Angels in on his plan.

30-June-2006: After one final pillage with Hell's Angels and Deadman's Vengeance aboard the Wild Wolf, Tears of Atlantis is founded. Helystra presents Lindskold with a gift she feels the crew could use: a war frig, the Well-Informed Cod.

6-July-2006: Having reached the required fame level, Tears of Atlantis happily returns home to Hell's Wrath.

11-August-2007: Lindskold reforms Tears of Atlantis as a solo act.

News and Issues

At this time, Tears of Atlantis is not hiring new crew. Former crewmembers and close friends of Lindskold are welcome however.

External Links

Crew Forums - http://rebelsheart.net/forums/
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