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Did You Mean: Hackerz? No, no I did not.

Who Is Hakerz?

Hakerz is a retired pirate of the Emerald Ocean. He began sailing the Sage Ocean in 2006.


Hakerz began his journey in Grudz Army in 2006. He shortly left Grudz Army to join The Titans where he rose through the ranks. This granted him the position of Lord in the flag Neptune's Fury. Hakerz soon left Neptune's Fury and The Titans to create his own crew Legend of Doom. After taking a short break from playing, Hakerz disbanded Legend of Doom and joined Impending Insanity. He rose through the ranks and became Senior Officer in Impending Insanity. This is when Hakerz met Crazee who mentored him and thus began Hakerz passion for blockading. Hakerz left Impending Insanity to create another crew, Chaotic Mangos. He then joined his crew back into Good Grief. Hakerz was well known in Good Grief as a Jobbing Contact, XO, Vice Admiral, Battle Navigater and Intent Proposer for blockades. His dedication to Good Greif granted him the position of Lord and eventually Prince. Hakerz participated in 30 blockades with Good Grief and became governor of Gauntlet Island, Penobscot Island and Cryo Island. Hakerz also planned Good Grief's outstanding multi-drop blockade event "Where's Wally" alongside Crazee and Tortie. Hakerz was also known for running several events for his flag such as "The Annual Griefer Awards." When Good Grief retired their flag, Hakerz retired and only returns to play hearts and spades with some friends.

Blockades Hakerz played an important role in while in Good Grief are: Ventress VIII, Ventress IX, Kakraphoon X, Blackthorpe XVI, Ventress X, Gauntlet XI, Ventress XI, Gauntlet XII(Hakerz became governor), Scrimshaw IV, Gauntlet XIII, Kakraphoon XI, Gauntlet XIV, Gauntlet XV, Penobscot XIII, Gauntlet XVI (unsuccessfully defended, causing Hakerz's governorship to be removed), Kakraphoon XII, Scrimshaw V, Blackthorpe XXIII, Amity XIV, Kasidim XII,Kiwara XI, Admiral XX, Caravanserai XVIII, Gauntlet XVIII, Bowditch IX, Bowditch X, Caravanserai XXI, Caravanserai XXII, Caravanserai XXIII, Spaniel XIX, Bowditch XVII, Admiral XXXII, Cryo XVI (Hakerz became governor of Cryo until it was given away in an event blockade), Amity XXXII, Albatross VI and Barbary XI.

Currently, Hakerz is captain of the crew Inappropriate Touching and king of the flag Indecent Exposure. Both his crew and his flag are inactive.