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Greenforlife is a senior officer and first mate of the crew Your Worst Nightmare and a prince of the flag Hardcore Explorers on the Emerald Ocean.


Greenforlife started playing puzzle pirates in Feburary on 2007. Immediatley upon pillaging with the crew Greenforlife joined Swashbucklers of Sage becoming a member of the flag Notorious. Through Pillaging and good ties with everyone in the flag he was made a titled and not long after a Royal of Notorious.Close ties were formed with other royals specifically Saluteme.Upon problems within the flag Saluteme had stepped as captain of Swashbucklers of Sage leaving an open for captain but after talking with then Monarch Oldhairless and Jaymac it was decided best to leave Ruminor as captain in order to show no weakness within the crew. A few months later due to differences with another royal Greenforlife left Swashbuckers of Sage and therefore Notorious as well.

Greenforlife then joined Hardcore Sea Ravers under the captainship of Curatia.The rank of Fleet Officer was given and a protion to Senior Officer not long after that.Greenforlife was a member of Hardcore Explorers no title or royalty position was given. After close to a year in the crew curatia and other members of the crew were becoming dormant making Greenforlife make the tough choice of leaving the crew.

After leaving Hardcore Explorers Greenforlife joined the crew Stilleto's Mandatory which was run by his pirate love at the time Silencedrose immediatly becoming Senior Officer and Royal of the flag. After a while due to real life changes silencedrose was not on YPP very often causing Greenforlife to leave the crew.

Greenforlife then joined the chat boochers lead by Alynway. Greenforlife joined in as an officer, achieving rank of fleet officer and later on Senior Officer. Several flags were joined with the crew none of which Greenforlife was made a titled or a royal. After having a conflict with another senior officer in the crew Greenforlife left in search of another crew.

Greenforlife went back home to Hardcore Explorers and joined Your Worst Nightmare. The rank of Senior Officer was immediatly given along with Lord of the flag. He was also given Govenorship over the island Penobscot. A few months later he was given Royal in the flag and that is where he stays today.

He is a lieutenant commander in the Admiral Island navy in the Gull Archipelago.

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