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For the pirate formerly named Fable on the Viridian Ocean, see Austingohard.

Fable is a pirate on the Malachite Ocean and Emerald Ocean. She is the captain of the crew Chloroform Candy and monarch of the flag Necessary Roughness on Malachite Ocean. She is also senior officer of the crew Skull Bashers of the flag Knockout on Emerald Ocean.


Fable was a pirate who started out on Azure but quickly became bored and stopped playing. Returning to the game when subscriptions were being sold, she found her way to Alpha Island when she was a greenie. Her ultimate goal was to one day have her own crew and flag, then to colonize an island.

She did finally get her wish a few years later as other oceans opened.

Pirate life glory

In 2009, Fable competed in and won the Olympic Champions League for swordfighting OCL/Season7/Team Swordfighting and rumble OCL Rules S7 Team Rumble. Although she dreamed of a white octopus, the drinking battles had been canceled during season 7.