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Season 7 Team Swordfighting Leagues

Team Swordfighting League Specific Rules and Details:

Players: 6

  • Swaps: 1 (see OCL Rules for Season 7 for details)
  • Temp Spots: up to 2 per division match, up to 1 in semi-final or final match (see OCL Rules for Season 7 for details))
  • Games: 6


  • Only four team members will participate in a brawl game per team
  • Teams are not limited to crew members
  • Any type of sword allowed
  • Disconnects that happen while loading up the puzzle are grounds for a redo. Each team may only have up to 4 of these redos per match.
  • Games within a match can be set up as local only, but must not be private, as the non-playing members of a team should always have access to watch each game.
  • You may choose to use an alternate pirate for the league. However, if the pirate registered is not an established and well-used pirate, then the alternate pirate must, by the end of the registration period, have a swordfighting standing as high as (or close to) the swordfighting standing of any of your main pirates. The names of the team members must be sufficiently different that opponents are able to distinguish easily between them.


Each member of the winning team will receive a white parrot.

Additional prizes will also be awarded to participants in the league. Note that teams who do not participate in the majority of their matches will not be eligible for any prizes.

Prizes will be awarded directly to each pirate.