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Olympic Champions League (a.k.a. OCL) is a contest in which teams compete against each other in a particular discipline. There are four different types of leagues: a Team Swordfighting league, a Sea Battle league, a Team Drinking league and a Team Rumble league. We will be running one league at a time on each of the production oceans (Midnight, Cobalt, Viridian, Sage, Hunter and Malachite.)

Team Rumble League Date and Time

This league is for Team Rumble. The contest will take place on a single day - for season 7, this date is Saturday 26th September 2009, beginning matches at 9am game time. The duration of the event will depend somewhat on the number of teams registered on each ocean, but the top few teams are likely to be involved for several hours, so please allow plenty of time to complete the event.


Registration will be open for two weeks, finishing at 9am game time on Thursday 24th September 2009. During the registration period, we will have a page on YPPedia for each ocean where teams can sign up. We reserve the right to exclude teams for whom incomplete information is provided. As this event is being held on one day, you must provide complete registration information, and there will be no swaps or additional players added during the event.

You will need to provide the following information to register. The link to the registration page will be posted in your ocean's events forum when registration is open.

  1. Team Name (defaults to "Team [Captain's name]" if none specified)
  2. Team Captain (pirate name)
  3. Second team member (pirate name):
  4. Third team member (pirate name):
  5. Fourth team member (pirate name):
  6. Optional fifth team member (pirate name):

Note that all team members should be at least Broad experience in Rumble. If any of your team members do not meet this requirement, the team will be removed form the league. Note also that wagers are required for all games, so accounts with a wager ban will not be able to participate.

Match Play

  • The main part of the event will be based around a double elimination tournament format.
  • Each match will consist of a best-of-three-games contest between two teams. The first team to win two of the games is the winner of the match.
  • Double elimination means that you are not out of the contest until you have lost matches against two other teams.
  • Each game will be played by 4 members of each team. The team members playing can change between games.
  • The match should be set up for 4v4 players, bring your own bludgeons, with a 1 PoE wager, and tables local but not private. This last is so that the 5th team members, and the adjudicating OMs, are able to watch the games.
  • Matches will be hosted in an OM house, and matches will be posted in the house news, which will be updated frequently as results come in.

Fixed team:

Unlike previous OCL leagues, there are no changes permitted in the team during the event. Between the 5 team members, you need to cover all the matches. There will be no substitutes or temporary players.

Playing for one team:

You may only be registered on one ocean, and you may only be registered with one team.

Team Disqualification

If any member of your team is found to be cheating, or if you break the rules on pirates competing on more than one ocean, or for more than one team, your whole team (or teams) will be withdrawn from the event. Whether or not matches are replayed as a result will be decided on a case-by-case basis, mainly depending on what stage of the event the disqualification occurs and the specific circumstances.

Match Legality:

Once started, a game is considered legal and official (certain restrictions apply for good reasons). This means that any complaints as to the legality of the game with respect to the players playing should be brought up and questioned before it has begun. Once a match has begun, you are deemed to have accepted the eligibility of the players taking part. If there is any reason for the legality of the match to be questioned during or after the match, you should contact the adjudicating OM as soon as possible, or use petition or complaint if they are not available.

Other Rules:

  • Disconnects once a game has started are not grounds for a "redo" unless agreed to by both teams.
  • Teams must have 4 or 5 players registered, but will be allowed to play with 3 team members if they need to do so.
  • Team members do not have to be crew members.
  • If one of your team members is banned between registration and the event, you do not get a free swap to replace them; you will need to use your 5th team member, play with 3 team members, or withdraw.
  • If one of your team members is banned and remains part of the team, any prize remains theirs despite the ban. This prize may not be claimed by other team members.
  • To be eligible for prizes, team members need to have participated in at least FIVE of the games during the event.
  • Where a rules decision is required, the OM's word is final.


Each member of the winning team will receive a white serpent (these are not available from any other route, and cannot be recolored).

Additional prizes will also be awarded to participants in the event.

Prizes will be awarded directly to each pirate.

Other information or clarifications:

In order to keep information in one place as far as possible, significant rules clarifications resulting from forum threads or elsewhere will be added here.

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