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Donall is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean.

Hunter Biography

Donall (aka Don) washed up in the Hunter Ocean on June 12, 2007.

He soon found himself on Iocane Island where he joined All For Rum soon after they claimed the uncolonised island.

Fighting against Barnabas the Pale in defence of Iocane, he was sunk and lost his left hand, replacing it with a hook. More than 100 sinks later, he remains otherwise intact.

On July 23, he moved to the crew Prestige in the flag Dangerous Liaisons for a promotion to fleet officer.

On August 31, he moved to the crew Earthbound in the flag EAC after being dockpressed during a game of poker in which he earned his ultimate trophy.

Against his wishes, he was promoted to senior officer by Captain Justncredibl on October 4.

He has learned every route in the Hunter Ocean, completing the final route, Umbarten to Iocane, on October 15, 2007.

Returning to the sea after a long time as a landlubber, Donall joined the crew Intoxicated in the flag Happy Hour as an officer on September 18, 2011.

He lives in Cottage Qis on Sayers Rock. In the past, he has been a citizen of Iocane Island, Paihia Island and Alkaid Island.

Hunter Accomplishments

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