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Cryder is the captain of the crew Dark Dynasty and lord of the flag Ellipse. He sails the Viridian Ocean.


On 21 May 2005, Cryder (C Ryder not Cry – Der) started his pirate career. He started with the crew Rum N’ Coke under the flag Chaos. He thought this crew had disbanded, so he left and joined the Psychopaths of the Seas. Cryder and the crew didn’t mix well because of ongoing conflicts, differences in crew issues, and multiple arguments with crew officers.

Cryder’s luck soon changed when the Psychopaths of the Seas disbanded. He joined Mutiny under the captainship of Warbaby. He became officer of this crew, and maintained his officer status when Mutiny merged with the Roses Of Sharayn. Cryder then became good friends with Trisla, Safir, and most of the other officers and royals.


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