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Chandani is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean. She currently holds the rank of senior officer in the crew Villains of the Amazon. She was queen of the flag Cold Fire until it merged with Don't Panic. She remains the governor of Cnossos Island.



June 19th 2005 , Chandani washed up on the shores of Guava Island. She joined the crew,MTV (Midnight's Terrifying Villains according to Grogswollop but Music TeleVision according to the long lost founder) in the flag Moonlighting. There she learned the ropes of being a respectable officer and a less annoying greenie from captain Smarti and the first mate Grogswollop. Chandani took to sea as a ship carpenter in order to earn PoE to buy pretty clothes. One day she realised she could add pretty ships to her collection of pretty clothes. She decided to buy her first ship and having scored a tub of kraken's blood on a two person pillage she decided to go big, not realizing at the time that cutters were a pain. She decorated the cutter Well Known Mackerel with pretty green plants that she innocently thought were only for making rope. She was very proud of her plants until a friend asked if she was a stoner and educated her on another name for Hemp. Unbeknownst to her the navies of many islands were watching her as a narco-trafficker.

Chandani then opened her first stall: an apothecary (no connection to drugs). She began peddaling premade whisking potions at piratical prices to greenies on the docks. Though she charged an arm and a leg (in the days before regrowth potions) she did teach many a new sea puppy how to travel from here to there in a twinkle.

Shortly after growing out of her potion spamming phase Chandani became a senior officer of MTV and a lady of Moonlighting. Later that year captain Smarti vanished from the game and Chandani became the acting captain of MTV. Under Chandani's direction MTV quickly grew to become one of the largest, most active crews in Moonlighting. One march 7th 2006 Chandani left MTV with the blessing of Smarti and Groswollop and founded the crew Villains of the Amazon (VOTA) with Lial as cofounder and first mate. Within 2 days her new crew had the standing to rejoin Moonlighting. VOTA became the largest and most active crew in the flag and on behalf of the royalty, king Dreadful soon asked Chandani to serve with them as a princess. Over that year there were major changes in the culture of the flag as Dreadful, Lyonessa, Smarti, Grogswollop, Feylind, Blimp and other notable leaders either retired from the game or moved on to pursue other piratical endeavours on the Midnight seas.

On march 9th 2007 VOTA decided to leave Moonlighting. Chandani and her faithful crew founded the flag Cold Fire. Under Chandani's admiralship Cold Fire blockaded Cnossos Island on Aug 11, 2007 and won. Today Chandani stands happily at the docks of Cnossos and chats with new players welcoming them to Cnossos and taking care of her flag and crew. She has no over priced potions in her overcoat....honest.


Shops & Stalls

Type Name Island Status
Icon distillery.png
Good as Grog Namath Island Owner
Icon iron monger.png
Chandani's Ironworking Stall Eta Island Owner
Icon estate agent.png
Real Estate
Revolutionary Realtors Cnossos Island Owner
Icon market.png
Commodities Market
Chu Chu Market Cnossos Island Owner
Icon palace.png
Phoenix Cnossos Island Owner

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