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Codefish is captain of the crew of Silver Storm. An ocean-wide Charter. A Cursed Isles, Kraken Hunt, Blockade Logistics Specialist & Land Team junky. Occasionally, a 'peske' ship naver.


  • Codefish can be found on Emerald ocean but was formerly a Hunter ocean pirate.
  • This pirate was created on July 7, 2009. The name relates to the love of puzzles (codes) and sea-life (fish).


  • YPPedia PVP crew hall of fame on Emerald: No. 4 (#13)
    • Imperial / Illustrious (#5) Emerald 08/15/13
    • Imperial/ Illustrious (#6) Emerald 08/12/13
    • Imperial/ Illustrious (#10) Emerald 08/15/12
  • Crew ranked number 1 on the Hunter Ocean for the first time on 6 October 2010 (scurvy dogs / illustrious).
  • Crew ranked number 1 on the Hunter Ocean for the second time on 16 October 2010 (scoundrels / illustrious).
  • Flag Inferno ranked number 1 on the Hunter Ocean on 9 October 2010 (illustrious).

It wasn't all just her ! Thanks to any one who helped back then.


  • Captain of Silver Storm
  • Queen: Bite the Pillow 2015 - to date
  • Holds: Hubble's Eye
  • Governor: Sayers Rock (Flag: Sabotage)
  • Prior BTP Islands Held: Admiral, Scrimshaw, Bowditch, Wissahickon, Sayers Rock, Barbary. Alkaid.
  • Token Governor-ships: Admiral, Aimurai (Flag: Grow Up)
  • Princess: Naughtiest Naughtiness which became Bite the Pillow 2015.

Prior Emerald

  • Princess: The Last of Us, Bowditch, Wissahickon and a few others
  • Princess: Razor Leaf (Flag: Low Blow)
  • Princess: X Marks the Spot (hiatus)
  • Princess: Truth or Dare, Ihia Di Aguia
  • Monarch: Loose Cannons
    • Governor: Manu
    • Governor: Amity, Kakraphoon
  • Monarch and Princess: Hooked
    • Governor: Kakraphoon, Kiwara

Prior Hunter

  • Monarch: Inferno
    • Governor: Iocane
  • Captain: Storm Riders
  • Monarch: Enter the Storm
  • SO: Barbarossa's Revenge
  • Lady: Frostbite

Multiple trinkets

See: Codefish/Trinkets