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Bennyboi was a senior officer of the crew Bloody Mary's Revenge and member of the flag Monsoon Poon. He sailed the Viridian Ocean. He began his pirate career on December 16, 2005.

He was a fleet officer and wench of the crew Aurora and a member of the flag RiddleMakers. He is currently an independent pirate.

Crew history

Bennyboi started out as a lowly pirate in the crew The Pirate Elite. He then moved to Deadqueen's crew, named Dead Horde of the Abyss, where he moved up the ranks and reached officer rank. He later moved to Pirates Revenge, and worked his way up to fleet officer before leaving to create his own crew, Metamorphosis. Bennyboi managed to get the crew fame as high as celebrated, before hanging up his captain's hat and rejoining Pirates Revenge as a senior officer, where he stayed for the best part of a year. The captain of Pirates Revenge, Sanne, quit PP, and Passiflora became the new captain. Following an argument, where Bennyboi was accused of theft, he later left Pirates Revenge and joined Unbreakable Metal Fleet as an officer. He stayed for a few weeks before leaving for Rockstars, now known as Rated Arr. He survived for three days before being thrown out and once again joining Unbreakable Metal Fleet. He stayed for a month or two, before leaving for Bloody Mary's Revenge.

Likes and dislikes

Bennyboi liked to pillage, and his favorite station used to be Gunnery. However, he is more than happy to do Sailing or Navigation. Bennyboi was also a big fan of Atlantis and Cursed Isles, and loved to Forage and Treasure Haul. When not pillaging, Bennyboi loved nothing more than a good flutter on the Poker tables. He is also a big fan of (most) of the OMs, his favourite OMs being Galene, Hera and Cronus.

Other info

Bennyboi is well known for his abrasive, "Short Sharp Shock" manners. If he doesn't like something, chances are he won't let it go unheard.

Bennyboi now owns his own little townhouse on Terra Island, following yet another accusation of theft.

Bennyboi is well known for his "Bennybra" adverts around Viridian, and is also well known for his OM stalking. He began a mini-crew "Teh Oshun Mastur Stalkurs" and him and a few followers decided to follow the OMs around. He joined the members that have quit Puzzle Pirates on September 2009, but will never forget the part of his life the game stole.