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Barely Dressed

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Barely Dressed at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Wasabia of Stripped
Member crew(s) Ace of Blades, Alone, The Angel's Gathering, The Assassin Prodigies, Black Foils, BLACK LEGION, Brazilian United, Cookie, Elven Armada, Found-at-Sea, Friends Without Benefits, Frostwolf Rohirrim, Get Smart, Ghost Recon, Lads, The Lions Den, Mustang Sallies, Naked Minds, Nienie World, Nut House, On Your Knees, Pulse, Reefer's Madness, Royal Pillagers, Sail Away, The Salty Mouthfuls, Seven African Powers, Spank the Plank, Still of The Night, Stripped, Swan Song, Swinging Pink Bananas, Valparaiso Brigido, When The Levee Breaks, Your Worst Fear
Islands controlled Duat Island
Celesta Isle
Raven's Roost
Hadrian Island

Founded 6 May, 2008
Allies Antheas, False Pretenses, Legacy of Life, Legendary Hunters, Radioactive, Shotgun Clause
Wars none
Last updated on 29 September, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Barely Dressed.jpg

Barely Dressed is a flag on the Meridian Ocean, and was previously one of the first flags ever created on the Malachite Ocean. Originally founded May 6, 2008 by Thanos and Daquan, they quickly grew to be one of the largest and most pronounced flags on the ocean. The flag conquered Celesta Isle, the first ever medium island to be opened on Malachite. After Thanos's departure in November 2008, Halee became the monarch of Barely Dressed and was succeeded by Emmett at the beginning of 2010. They were once the most active blockading flag on Malachite and controlled Celesta Isle and Drogeo Island the two medium sized islands in the Komodo Archipelago.

In July 2012, members of the crew Stripped and several other crews agreed to reactivate Barely Dressed, which had lain dormant since the movement of Stripped to Fill in the Blank in 2010, under the royal team of Queen Wasabia and Princes Bobjanova, Faisca and Karver. In October Barely Dressed returned to blockade activity by blockading Drogeo Island and winning, resulting in a return to island-holding status.

On August 10, 2013 , the flag won its first large island, Fintan Island, in a Brigand King Blockade against Black Veil.

Achievements and notable events

  • July 27th 2008: Barely Dressed took 5th place in Summer Frost - Rewards from Skullsplitter's Horde! and won the style package.
  • September 13th 2008: Barely Dressed was the first flag on Malachite to take the first opened medium island. The flag faced both Ice Wyrm's Brood and Whirled Peas and successfully beat both flags.
  • September 29 2008: Barely Dressed was one of the winners in Treasure Haul Twist and won 10 Pile o' Loots and they put the final shot into the OM sloop to claim the bounty.
  • February 15 2009: Barely Dressed retook Celesta Isle after relinquishing it to Barnabas the Pale in a 5 round sinking blockade. The ship spawn was arguably bugged when the 6 strength BK deported 4 grand frigates in the first round, effectively out-jobbing the entire population of the ocean. Hephaestus acknowledged the issue and responded with an unsolicited ocean-wide broadcast about the blockade.
  • April 19, 2009: Seeking to improve Duat Island, Barely Dressed successfully attacked . Seeing no contenders and not wanting a boring flag-sit, Halee requested the OMs to add some fun, and Round 3 resulted in the sinking of "Sloops of Dooooom" manned by Ocean Masters Gaea, Thalia, Apollo, Hera, and Cronus.
  • May 31, 2009: After owning Duat Island for just over a month, dusting the existing shipyard and replacing it with a shoppe type more suitable for the island's resources, and funding the rename of the fort to keep with the original theme of the island's designer, BD gave the island away via blockade to a then unaffiliated, non-allied flag.
  • November 21, 2009: Barely Dressed successfully took the second medium island on the Malachite ocean on the opening day in a three round blockade defeating both the Chthonic Horde as well as Drive-By in the process.
  • July 28, 2012: Barely Dressed became an active flag on the Meridian ocean with the movement of the crews Stripped, When The Levee Breaks and BLACK LEGION.
  • October 28, 2012: Barely Dressed returned to island holding status by winning Drogeo Island in a three round sinking blockade against Infamous.
  • Won it's first large island in a four round Brigand King Blockade versus Black Veil at Fintan Island.
  • After some months of war, and Fintan Island being taken and re-taken, the Island was eventually lost to Meridian's Most Wanted. during April 2014, during this same night, Drogeo was also taken by V for Vendetta, after a 5 round blockade, scoring of 3-2.
  • On June 16th, 2014, Barely Dressed re-took an undefended Drogeo Island, and then weeks later, took a relatively undefended Celesta Isle, having to ward off a brief 3rd party during round 1.

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