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Halee is a pirate of all oceans, but she currently homes on Malachite where she is a senior officer of the crew Stripped. She is also queen of the flag Barely Dressed.

On Hunter, Halee is a senior officer of the crew Eradico Omnis of the flag Incognito. She was a former captain of Crimson Seablades and queen of the mighty flag Vicious on the Hunter Ocean. She was the former governor of Saiph Island.

On Midnight, Halee is a fleet officer of the crew Fandango Familiars; a member of the infamous flag Notorious Fandango. She was a former monarch of the flag Notorious Fandango, and later a lady of the flag.

Shop Owner

Halee currently owns or manages the following on Malachite Ocean:


Halee has a great love of blockades and believes in allowing the most mates possible to enjoy the blockade game. She has participated in countless blockades on all oceans, but she excels at blockade coordination. Halee was prominent in the development of The Fandango Blockade Method and the methods presented in Admiraling a blockade. She conducted the first ever XO bootcamp on Midnight with her flagmate Redthepirate, offering training and support to those wanting to learn the art of being an effective blockade XO. In addition to her blockade experiences in supporting roles, she been on the core blockade team for the following Blockades - most as navver, Admiral or Vice-Admiral.

Hunter Malachite Midnight Sage Viridian


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