Utopia (Malachite)

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Utopia(Malachite) at a Glance
Malachite Ocean
Last Monarch Kamuflaro of Harlequin
Member crew(s) Ancient Hunters, Glitter and Doom, Harlequin, Malachite Lizard Society, SouthWest, Wicked
Organization Absolutism
Founded 21 November, 2008
Dormant or disbanded as of 1 February, 2012

Utopia was a flag on the Malachite Ocean and was created by Kamuflaro.


  • Was #7 on the flag fame listing
  • Had more than 100 members
  • Had more than 5 crews
  • Held 2 islands

Public Statement

Welcome to the New World Order!

Extended Public Statement

Pulling out.

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