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Art:Viridian's A4 Creativity Challenge

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Event-Ezmerelda M-ViridianA4CreativityChallenge.png

Viridian are you ready to get creative! Well this is a challenge that will test your creativity skills. This event is brought to you by Lcawte and Adrielle!

This page is documentation for an event. Please do not modify this page without speaking to the event organizers.
For more information on this event, see the forum topic.

Viridian's A4 Creativity Challenge is an event which was run by the pirates Adrielle and Lcawte on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums. It started on May 30th, 2009, with entries closing on the 30th of June, 2009.



Lcawte Wrote:

Viridian needs you, the battle between life and death, the gods play the entire ocean up in their clouds like we are on a board game on vital piece is missing from the game, this piece is the matter of life and death.

The (Your) Task

We need this piece reforged, but the mold is missing! We need you to recreate the priceless paper mold.

The Rules

  • You may only use 1 A-4 piece of plain paper.
  • You may cut, rip or fold your paper.
  • You may not use any coloured products, pen, pencil etc.
  • No glues, no blue tack, and no tape.
  • You must include your pirate name somewhere in the photo taken of your entry (No photo-shopping please).

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity (/10)
  • Edge Effect (/5)
  • Crafting Skill (/10)

Total = /25

An additional criterion was used by Adrielle in judging. This criterion was "Amazin-ness Factor", and was scored out of 10. Which was helped to score the Adrielle's Choice.


Adrielle's Choice Main Prize Lcawte's Choice
  • 1 Rope Coil
  • 1 Goblet
  • 1 Sand Dollar
  • 2 Zombie Hands
  • 1 Doubloon
  • 5000 (5k) PoE (Peices of Eight)
  • 1 Rope Coil
  • 1 Goblet
  • 1 Sand Dollar
  • 2 Zombie Hands
  • 1 Doubloon
  • 5000 (5k) PoE (Peices of Eight)


Viridian A4 Creativity Challenge Entries

Judging Marks

Viridian A4 Creativity Challenge Judging Results


The judges were very impressed with both the quality and quantity of entries. Deciding the final placings was a tough call.

First Prize was awarded to Kirppu, whose entry scored an amazing 46/50.
Honourable Mentions were awarded to Zanarq, Cambiata, Ecrvtbyn, Ecrvtbynu, and Goldenice.
Lcawte's Choice was awarded to Rover.
Adrielle's Choice was awarded to both Cambiata's Paper Pirate, and Kirppu's Treasure.
Additional prizes were also awarded. Ecrvtbynu's A Shell From A Death Gorgonyx was awarded a gold starfish trinket, and a silver starfish was awarded to both Ecrvtbyn's Crab, and Shaiyla's Crab. Goldenice's Sea Monster Hunting scene was also rewarded with a gold bone knife, and jar of fog, and also a Red Beaded Fetish from Lcawte, which he called the Annoy the Judge Award.
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