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Aquakitty began her pirate journey in June 2005, with the crew Pieces o' Hate. While with them, she advanced to the rank of senior officer, before spliting off to the crew Pirates Gone Wild. During her stay in Pirates Gone Wild, the crew belonged to the flags Lunar Bin, Moonlighting and Rising Phoenix. She held royalty positions in all three flags.

She eventually joined Notorious Fandango, belonging to both Hell Fire for Hire, and later Corsairs. It came time when Notorious Fandango wasn't the place where she wanted to be, and was recruited into Shadow Walkers, then of Heavens Aligned

Most recently she joined Calamarie, Eleniel, and Shadowlost to form the flag Twisted Fate, with the crew she belongs to, and Harsh Nature. Aquakitty was appointed monarch of Twisted Fate on Feb 2, 2006.

Her last-known whereabouts were as an officer and gunner of the crew The Phoenix Warriors in the flag Tyr's Own

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