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Rising Phoenix-East at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Tdoggy of The Caribbean Pirates
Member crew(s) The Caribbean Pirates
Founded 20 August, 2006
Deleted as of 9 January, 2013
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Rising Phoenix-East is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean, originally founded as Rising Phoenix on the Midnight Ocean. Flag of The Dawntreaders

Public statement

We take great pride in the reputation we have built up as a group of players, and through our actions and attitude to the game we have earned the respect and friendship of many individuals and groups of players, both allies and enemies alike. As a member of Rising Phoenix you represent the Flag through your actions and behaviour, and as such you are expected to conduct yourself in a responsible and mature manner.

Rising Phoenix places a strong emphasis on the idea of team play, friendship and fun; although we think of ourselves as a ‘family’ and operate in a very informal manner we are not without rules, and consequences for breaking those rules.

This document will explain our ideals, what is expected of you and familiarise you with our rules and what you can expect to happen if you break them.


Rising Phoenix is traditionally a flag with strong beliefs in the principles of honourable, fair and respectful conduct to all. As a group of players we value the idea of teamwork, friendship and fun and encourage trust and loyalty towards one another and Rising Phoenix as a whole.

General expectations

A modicum of maturity – Despite our informal attitude Rising Phoenix is a mature Flag, and as such we expect you to behave in such a manner. This isn’t to say friendly banter and occasional silliness isn’t allowed. Teamwork and socialising – Rising Phoenix is heavily based on the concept of team play. Where possible you are expected to devote at least part of your game time to actively contributing to team based activities with the rest of the Flag.

Swearing/Gay bashing/Racism – You are expected to keep swearing to a suitable level, gratuitous profanity should not be a part of daily conversation. Additionally, Gay bashing, racism and any other form of prejudice will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


  1. All Rising Phoenix members are regarded as representatives of the Flag; as such any conduct which is deemed to reflect negatively on Rising Phoenix is not permitted.
  2. Members will be respectful and courteous towards other Rising Phoenix Flag mates; this also extends to other Puzzle Pirates players regardless of their actions or standings towards the Flag or your own personal feelings.
  3. Smacktalk, flaming and trolling or other insulting behaviour through in game chat channels, mailing systems and out of game message boards is strictly prohibited.

The consequences

Issues where Rising Phoenix’s code of conduct is broken by members will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The action taken by the Royals will depend on the severity of the member’s misconduct. In any case a maximum of two warnings will be given before that member is expelled from the Flag, this will provide offenders with an opportunity to mend their ways. Extreme cases will result in the member being expelled from the Flag with immediate effect.

Those members who feel they have been unjustly reprimanded may appeal to the Royals up to and including their final warning. In cases of expulsions from Rising Phoenix, the Royals decision is final.

Ministry leads

  • Ministry of Warfare - Pittbull, Noxstar, Madbull
  • Ministry of Events - Firegurl
  • Ministry of the Treasury - Tlzallen
  • Ministry of the Training - Tlzallen


Established in late August 2005, Rising Phoenix was a powerful and established flag until their main crews, including the Titans and Companeros, split from the flag and left it without a monarch, royals any any sense of direction. The majority of the former Rising Phoenix crews, with the exception of the Companeros, merged into the flag Heartless Shadows in early March of 2006. For some time Rising Phoenix existed with only one, four-member crew and a single titled member as its governing body.

On June 28, 2007, the flag was reactivated as the Titans returned with Conquest being named monarch. The Dawntreaders joined as well, both having left Silver Dawn after the political maelstrom became too much to deal with. The Drunken Pirates and Jaded Stars joined not long after to run the crew roster to six, including the flag's military fleet, Black Bass. Not long after joining, the Drunken Pirates left the flag to find their own way in the ocean.

Alliance policy

While Rising Phoenix will aid those to whom they pledge their allegiance, they will do so in word only. Because the flag wishes to stay unencumbered of political turmoil and strife, Rising Phoenix has decided that it will not forge formal in-game alliances unless absolutely necessary for the purposes of a blockade or other significant military action.

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