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The menu that pops up after clicking on Rags.

The item menu lets a player perform certain actions with the items in their booty panel, including using them, equipping them, or trashing them. To access an item menu, the player must click or tap on an item. All item menus show the item's name.

The menu options that are available for a particular item may change depending on whether a player has inscribed an item or equipped it.

Items which have item menus

The following items have menu options. Notes are given in brackets beside each option.

  • Hats, Torso clothing, Leg clothing, Boots
    • Wear (if not equipped) or Remove (if equipped)
    • Trash (if not equipped)
  • Familiars
    • Perch (if not equipped)
    • Remove (if equipped)
    • Name yer familiar
    • Recolor yer familiar (if the familiar can be recolored)
  • Swords
    • Equip (if not equipped)
    • Trash (sticks only, the stick must be unequipped before it can be trashed)
  • Bludgeons
    • Equip (if not equipped) or Remove (if equipped)
  • Mugs
  • Rowboats
    • Equip (if not equipped) or Remove (if equipped)
    • Trash
  • Charts
  • Badges
    • Unwrap gift badge? (if badge is wrapped)
  • Deeds
    • Rename ship (ship deeds only)
    • Rename building (building deeds only)
  • Portraits
    • View portrait
    • View gallery
    • Edit gallery
    • Trash
  • Furniture
    • Unwrap Present (if the item is a present)
    • Write Note (if the item is a present and no note has been written to it)
    • Add to scene (if the player is permitted to add the furniture to the scene)
    • Trash
  • Pets
    • Walk (if not equipped) or Remove (if equipped)
    • Name yer pet
    • Trash (if not equipped)
  • Potions
    • Drink
    • Trash
  • Trinkets
    • Display (if not equipped) or Remove (if equipped)
    • Write Note (if the trinket can be inscribed)
    • Trash (if not equipped)
  • Miscellaneous items
    • Use Chroma (if item is chroma)
    • Paint (if item is a paintbrush)
    • Use monster amulet (if item is a type of monster amulet)
    • Summon monster type (if item is a type of Black market charm)
    • Split item group (if item is stackable and can be split into multiple stacks, i.e. has a quantity greater than 1)
    • Combine into group (if item is stackable and the pirate holds another stack of the same item)
    • Trash (note: rogue marks cannot be trashed)

Items which do not have item menus

Bid tickets do not have item menus.

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