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About me

Helpful things

A. How to load practically any pirate/crew/flag infopage in a browser!

Step 1: Find the name of a crew member

Step 2: Point to: http://<ocean><pirate> changing the two tags appropriately. (Click!)

Step 3: Clicketh on the Crew hyperlink!

B. Code to insert portrait into pirate page:

{{infobox pirate| |piratename= <<PIRATENAME>> |portrait= yes |galleries= 1 |ocean1= <<OCEANNAME>> }}

with familiar: {{Infobox pirate |piratename= <<PIRATENAME>> |portrait= yes |familiars=1 |fam-type-1=<<TYPE>>-<<COLOUR1>>-<<COLOUR2>> |fam-ocean-1=Cobalt|fam-name-1=<<FAMILIAR NAME>> |galleries= 1 |ocean1= <<OCEANNAME>> }}

C. Code for crew infobox:

{{Infobox crew| |crewname= CREWNAME |captain=[[CAPTAINNAME]] |seniorofficers= NAME1, NAME2, NAME3 |organized=no |organization= |oceanname=OCEANNAME |politics=Autocratic |shares=Even |flag=[[FLAGNAME]] |updateday=4 |updatemonth=6 |updateyear=2006 }}

D. Code for flag infobox:

{{Infobox flag| flagname=FLAGNAME | monarch=[[PIRATENAME]] | monarchcrew=MONARCHCREWNAME | membercrews=[[CREW1]], [[CREW2]], [[CREW3]] | organized=no| organization=| numberofislands=0 | islandname1= | islandname2= | islandname3= | islandname4= | oceanname=OCEANNAME| allies=[[ALLYNAME1]], [[ALLYNAME2]], [[ALLYNAME3]] | wars= none | updateday=4| updatemonth=6| updateyear=2006| }}

Current Projects

  • Adding portraits to all pirate stub articles (as many as have portraits available anyway)
  • Cleaning up pirate stubs for grammar/formatting.

Future Projects

  • Adding infoboxes to all crew pages
  • Adding infoboxes to all flag pages


  • Fixing formatting on all player pages