The Bazaar

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For a building with stalls for a specific craft, see Bazaar.

The Bazaar was the online marketplace of player-to-player transactions within the forums. It has been superseded by individual Bazaar newsgroups for each ocean:

Posting rules

This forum has been locked. You can now sell avatars in The Mariner's Muse or in the individual bazaar (sub)forums for the oceans.

This forum was for in-game and game-related things only. As stated in the terms of service, real-world goods cannot be exchanged for in-game goods. Transfer/exchange of goods between oceans is not allowed.[1] Selling of stalls or manager positions is not allowed.[2]

  • The initial post for a new thread should have a topic subject/title with:
[Buying | Selling | Trading][Ocean] Clear Description
(e.g. [Buying] [Midnight] Fifty pieces of lime clothing)
  • Do not use all caps in your thread's title.
  • Ships for sale or trade and charts have their own stickies categorized by ocean type. Shanghais as well as shoppe related advertising and employment information have all-ocean stickies. Please use them instead of creating new threads.
  • Do not hijack someone else's thread to counter with your own "better" offering unless it is a thread inviting everyone's offers, like the stickies mentioned above.
  • If whatever business transaction your thread covers is done or closed, edit your thread's title to reflect that by changing the tag to Bought, Sold, or Closed as appropriate.

Always remember The Bazaar motto: "Just business. Nothing personal." This means that you should leave the personal and political attacks out of it; take them to Parley. Shore Leave babbling behavior is also not allowed.

Historical notes

The Bazaar used to be called "The Bazaar, Not the Cathedral." This changed when Nemo removed "Not the Cathedral" from the title because he thought it was only funny to a few people and confusing to the rest.[3]

Gold ore and kraken's blood used to have their own stickies until the Bazaar sticky revamp.

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