Fortune's Fools

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Fortune's Fools at a Glance
Azure Ocean
Last Monarch Kellee of Bilge Rats
Member crew(s) Bilge Rats, Sea Ogres, Oust, Do Nothing Pirates, Puzzlin Rebels
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 October, 2003

Fortune's Fools was originally based in the Diamond Archipelago, mostly around Winter Solstice and Alpha Island. They managed two shops (an apothecary and distillery) on Winter Solstice that Kellee mostly ran and flagmates assisted her with.

In the second wave of colonization, they pillaged furiously to earn the necessary PoE for their own island. This goal was achieved and saw them move to Park Island in the Coral Archipelago. They celebrated by holding the "Park Island bash", a kind of pageant where contestants entered a fashion show, drinking tournament and a swordfighting tournament.

With the coming of Midnight, Fortune Fools divided into two splinter flags, Phantom Armada and No Homers.

Flag Leadership

  • Kellee, Bilge Rats
  • Caine, Bilge Rats
  • Argyle, Bilge Rats
  • Greasy, Bilge Rats
  • Manglodin, Bilge Rats
  • Amaena, Bilge Rats
  • Rebootkid, Sea Ogres
  • Bard, Do Nothing Pirates