Bilge Rats

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Bilge Rats at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Amaena
Senior Officer(s) Kellee, Manglodin
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Fortune's Fools
Dormant or disbanded as of 16 August, 2006

Bilge Rats was the founding crew of Fortune's Fools, originally formed on the Azure Ocean and then recreated on Midnight.

Past Leadership


The crew Bilge Rats was started by Kellee and Caine as an offshoot from Redruth's reasonably well known crew, Bloody Scoundrels. It flew their own flag of Fortune's Fools. They owned several shoppes throughout Azure, including an apothecary and a distillery on Winter Solstice in the Diamond Archipelago.

Not long after Bilge Rats was created, the infamous pirate Greenwolf split off and formed his own crew, Green's Wolves, which would later become famous under the flag Tyr's Own on Midnight.

The flag carried forward into Midnight as Phantom Armada, but soon after reformed as Cold Steel. Bilge Rats stuck around until internal conflict between Kellee and Amaena led to its deletion.