Flying Hellfish

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Flying Hellfish at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Greasy
Senior Officer(s) Spuz, Dandw, Kitia, Nalia
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation No Homers
Dormant or disbanded as of 3 August, 2006

Flying Hellfish was a crew founded by Greasy and Spuz on the first day of the Midnight Ocean. It was the first crew in the flag they founded together, the No Homers, which went on to control two islands and own several shops.

At one stage, the members of the Flying Hellfish would be out pillaging almost every day; but with Greasy concentrating more on the social puzzle, and then Spuz and the other senior officers retiring within a month of each other, the crew fell into dormancy and never recovered. Now, it is merely a placeholder for memories of what might have been, the captain Janeela an alt of the former captain, Greasy.

Public Statement

Arr! We be the most Simpson savvy crew on the seas, and we be a good lot of fun, too! Come join us so that ye may embiggen our crew, and that in turn we may embiggen your PoE! It'd be a smart move :)