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Sparta at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Notnahemah of YPP - Your Party Pirates
Member crew(s) Devistation, The Forsaken Ones, Spartan Pirates, YPP - Your Party Pirates
Founded 1 December, 2007
Dormant as of 23 February, 2011
Favicon.png Flag Info

Sparta is a flag of the Hunter Ocean. It was founded on December 1, 2007.

Public Statement

We are Sparta!!! We seek crews that do not merely behave as if this is "just a game" and treat other with the respect and courtesies we would give our real life family and friends. Honesty, Maturity and Integrity in all things!

Extended Public Statement

We are a flag united in its dream to rise up and conquer the high seas! If ye desire to to have fun, coupled with freedom under the protective banner of Sparta all while retaining yer independance as a crew then Sparta is the flag to fly in Hunter!

We are looking to recruit crews that are ready to have fun and adventures while maitaining our flag at high levels of success. We are an active flag and have risen up to become one of the top flags in all of Hunter Ocean. We flag broadcast skellies and zombies, enjoy blockade events, like to hunt sea monsters and even forage for buried treasures in the mist and fog of the Cursed Isles.

As far as *Royals and Titled* members go:

  • Royals will be picked out and appointed by me and Sparta's Royalty. Since voting on issues presented takes time, we limit the number of Royals that so that we may be agile in getting issues resolved in a more timely manner than most crews. Royalty offers will be decided by how much you participate in the flag. This includes Spartan SMH, blockades, helpful broadcasts, and perhaps fundraisers. Please do not harass me or the other royals about this.
  • Captains of Flag crews get automatic title of a Lord or Lady of Sparta and every 25 members in your crew will earn you an additional titled member. Captains can choose from his/her SOs those that receive a Spartan title.

If ye wish to join the flag or form an alliance with us, please ask myself or any of the royals. If ye just select the alliance or join buttons, you will still be considered. Inquiring to join or to form an alliance by clicking the button does not instantly get angry declarations of war like some flags proclaim in their flag statements because we see it as merely a consideration request.

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