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Silkprincess sails out of Xi Island on the Midnight Ocean.

Accomplishments and accolades


Silkprincess is the founder and captain of Innuendo. She was the queen of Booty Grabbers since the flag's founder stepped down and recommended her as his replacement.

In June of 2006, the crews Dagger Revolution and Savage Squids decided to essentially merge the Booty Grabbers flag with their long-time hearties of Black Sheep Brigade. Over time, many of the members of Black Sheep Brigade decided it was time to move on and now continue to pillage bars together in real life, but play separately in Puzzle Pirates. She still returned an alt Brightnights to the Booty Grabbers flag as Monarch. Innuendo and Savage Squids have merged as of March 10, 2007 and chose Tyr's Own as their new home flag.

She is probably mostly known for her shopkeeping addiction. Chemicalgirl collects ships with the fishname "Chub" among other interesting and unusual renames.

Silkprincess also has almost all of the league points on the Midnight Ocean memorized. Though Xi Island is her home, Guava Island holds a special place in her heart, as demonstrated by her call for its liberation from Notorious Fandango, spawning a lengthy debate on the main forums during the summer of 2005.



Chub ships

  • Sloops: Absent, Coarse, Excited, Half, Hard, Heartless, Ignorant, Jealous, Large, Moody, Relaxed, Social, Stupid, Talented, Tricky, Well-Behaved, Well-Known
  • Cutters: Critical and Deceitful
  • Dhows: Sick
  • Grand frigate: Handsome

Other renamed ships

  • Sloops
    • Black Silk
    • Bony Adam (in honor of her love affair with the skellie)
    • Gold Fish (bought from the Poker addict Evilgohan)
    • Haunted Bonefish (gift from Whitemary)
    • Heart Breaker (gift from Juvenile after he was banned)
    • Loveable Lamprey (in honor of fellow skellie hunter Ilovelamps)
    • School Mistress (gift from DrJekyll)
    • Silky Lambi (dedicated to her first mate, Littlelambie)
    • Violent Guppy (gift from Shrug)
  • War brigs
    • Absentee Halibut (originated from a Tedv event around the 2004 elections)
    • Enthusiastic Blowfish (bought from Jainasolo, possibly renamed)
    • Revolutionary Daggertooth

Alternate identities

The pirates on all oceans (except Viridian) under the name of Silk are alts of Silkprincess. She plays these characters as her main character on the Hunter Ocean, Ice Ocean, Malachite Ocean, Opal Ocean and Sage Ocean, with Silken as her main on the Viridian Ocean. Gunner and Silk are her main characters on Cobalt Ocean.


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