Booty Grabbers

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For the crew Booty Grabbers on the Sage Ocean, see Booty Grabbers (Sage).
Booty Grabbers at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Black Horizon, The crew of moi, Temptation, The Triad
Founded 19 August, 2004
Dormant as of 7 June, 2009
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Booty Grabbers is a flag on the Midnight Ocean. Currently the flag is dormant.


The crews of Booty Grabbers have previously had one royal per every twenty subscribers and one titled member for every ten subscribers. They believe in having representation equal to the crew's size based on the idea that contributions to the flag by way of effort and funds are related to the memberships of the crews.


Founded on August 19th 2004, the Booty Grabbers began with the crew Savage Squids. Dagger Revolution was formed in late October of 2004 and immediately joined the flag. Over the year of its existence, Booty Grabbers has experienced many changes, and its members have demonstrated perseverance and strength.

Guava Island was held by this flag, with DrJekyll as its governor. The flag lost much of its momentum after winning Guava. Their monarch began playing in the Cobalt Ocean and found the people there more receptive to the massive pillages he prefers. He stepped down as monarch and nominated Silkprincess as his replacement. Refusing to disband, the mates of the Booty Grabbers united again to recruit more mates and increase their overall flag strength.

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