Savage Squids (Midnight)

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Savage Squids at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Labradonis
Senior Officer(s) Capnstewart, Darharharlin, Kototo, Normanrummy
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Booty Grabbers
Dormant or disbanded as of 19 June, 2007

Savage Squids is a crew of the Midnight Ocean. It was founded on 19 May 2004.


The Squids began as a crew formed by Drjekyll, and quickly grew in numbers during late 2004. Drjekyll was adamant in recruiting respectful crewmates, and tended to keep the roster more adult in age. In early 2005, there was some minor drama between two seperating factions within the crew, causing a split, which left only a few of the original Squids intact.

This did not deter the remaining crew from action, and after joining forces with Dagger Revolution to form the bulk of the flag Booty Grabbers, Drjekyll and Labradonis made names for themselves while assisting Black Sheep Brigade at Ostreum II. Going on that momentum, the Squids and Daggers rallied together and managed to successfully blockade Guava, though they lost it a few weeks later.

At the opening of the Cobalt Ocean, Drjekyll began to focus more of his time to his crew there, Black Horizon, and in late summer 2005, passed on the captain hat to Labradonis. Since then, crew activity has been minimal, due to most crew members migrating to other oceans.

In June 2006, Savage Squids and Dagger Revolution merged into Black Sheep Brigade. Some time later, they moved to the flag Booty Grabbers.

Public Statement

Welcome to the Squids! We are a fun-loving bunch and welcome everyone! But, ye should be mature and not easily offended for we are sometimes known to be rated AAARRRRR!!!, but it's all in good fun.

As Captain, Labradonis expects that all officers be respectful of all players, and that newly recruited mates follow officer's directions. We are slowly but surely going to rebuild this crew.

If you don't know how to have fun, we will teach you....If you refuse to have fun or impede someone else from having fun, we don't want you.

WB pillages, Blood Hunts, Running Stalls and making you smile are the goals of this crew. We split our poe equally to all mates and love to help each other out. We are part of a very tight knit flag and have a lot of support with our combined crews.

Come join us and have a BLAST!.

Crew Motto: If ye can't beat em...than Pillage em! Crew Colors: Red/White

!!!Now let's go get some BOOTY mates!!! Yeee Haarrrr!!!

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