Executive Officer tutorial

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Executive officer duties

1. Jobbing

A: If the executive officer is doing the jobbing, they need to check the stats of those who are answering the posting for jobbing on. It is ok to job some green players. Just do not job to many of them, as sometimes, ye can get a greeny that does not know enough.

B: If the executive officer is not doing the jobbing, they are to welcome those who come aboard, and ask them to read the info, on how things are done on the ship. And most of all, an executive officer has to tell every one who the captain is and that they are the executive officer. And they can even add in. "If any one has any questions to ask [Yer name here]". As they should be asking the XO, and not the captain. If is it something ye are not sure of, ye ask the captain in the officer chat, and maybe one of the Officers will be able to answer that question for ye.

2. Asking fer help

An executive officer can have a fellow officer help them. But it is the executive officer's job to make sure that any thing the Captain asks, like "can some one check on (so and so)". They are telling the executive officer, to check on that person, not any of the other officers. This way, if the executive officer needs help with a question, it won't take as long.

3. Planking

The executive officer is in charge of making sure, people fill a station, and no one is lazing, unless they are a gunner, (as some times a captain does not want to overwork the gunner), and to always walk around the ship, to see if there is any one that is sleeping on a station (as they can be planked, but do follow the RULE of Planking first, as that person may have forgot to come off of the station after letting you or the Captain know that they will be right back).

4. Planking

A: First check to see if they said any thing to the Captain, or any of the other officers, as some times there are 3 or 4 officers on a large vessel. If not, do scroll back to see if they said something in the vessel chat that ye may have missed. Then ye can ask them by name in vessel chat, to "take a station please", and give them a minute to get to one (Unless ye are right next to them and can see them).

B: If they still have not filled a station, or have not answered ye, send them a tell asking them to "Take a station please". This will also let ye know how long they have been disconnected (if ye do not see them), and even if ye can see them (as to how long they have been idle).

C: If they still do not answer. Let your captain know, as ye maybe going in to a battle soon. In battle, planking a pirate will supply you with a bot.

D: An executive officer will have to walk around the ship, to let people know where the open stations are, or to see if there is someone that is asleep at a station.

5. After a battle

A: After out of battle, see to it that people get back on a station.

B: Also check to see how many people are on the ship, by using the /who or just /w, to see how many people are on the ship.

6. After the pillage

At the end of the pillage (If your crew is still recruiting people in to the crew), ask if anyone would like to join the crew, and tell them to meet ye at the Navigation wheel if they do.

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