Devil's Playground

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Devil's Playground at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Joshiem
Senior Officer(s) Johncvang
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Pay for Play
Founded 20 February, 2005
Last updated on 15 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Devil's Playground is a crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag Pay for Play.

History of Devil's Playground

Devil's Playground was founded on 20 February, 2005, only two days after Viridian opened, by Devilwench/Seadevil, and was involved in various flag mergers winding up sailing under the flag Infierno De los Diablos with Seadevil being Antix's righthand in controlling the flag in its early days.

Eventually the Devil's Playground ended up flying the flag Pay for Play.

Public Statement

Home Of The Devil's That Love To Play!!!!!! So Don't Bug To Join Ur Flag Cuz The Answer is NO

Extended Public Statement

We be here! When u feel a cold unlucky wind blowin and you look back in your wake and see us. The elite crew of these here waters. Just like your name suggest, your in our playground now, watch your step. Our crew may be small & u can try to kick us down or knock us out but i'll tell u one thing & these devil's have the spirt of the Phoenix so we'll continue to rise from the ashes time and time again just to stare u straight in the face 'til u turn white with fear!!!!!!


  1. Always ask permission to board (ptb) a ship in the /crew channel. E.g. "ptb *the ship name*". Never board a ship until you've PTB the OIC of the ship. If you ask the question and you get no response then do not board the vessel because boarding without permission will result in planking.
  2. Never ask to gun or navigate!!!!!! If ye be worthy an officer may let you gun, but we leave the navigating to the officers.
  3. Never leave a vessel during battle. Doing so will result in loss of your booty.
  4. No lazing on a ship, unless there aren't any free stations. Lazing will result in planking, and booty cuts.
  5. Do not leave the keyboard. If ye need to go, leave the vessel if you know you're going to be a while (as long as it's not during battle) or at least warn the captain if it's an emergency. Going away from the keyboard, without notice will result in the cut of not just your booty but you'll be planked on the spot as well.
  6. No swordfighting or drinking whatsoever onboard a ship. If you do, you'll be planked on the spot, and your booty reduced.
  7. If you are going to be away from the crew for an extended period of time please let an officer or higher know that you're going to be away and roughly how long you'll be so that you won't be removed from the crew for lack of activity in the crew.

Repeat offenders may find themselves crewless.

Requirements For Promotion

Promotions "ARE NOT HANDED OUT" they are earned, so "DO NOT ASK FOR A PROMOTION" unless you have the required stats listed below.

  • Cabin person: Prove yourself a worthy member - keep at your station, follow the captain's orders, and don't laze or disobey the other rules.
  • Pirate: Must have 3-4 broads under piracy which is your bilge, carp, sails and guns.
  • Officer: Must have solid gunning and 4 broads at Least with captain's approval of your skills at hand.
  • Fleet officer: Must be well trusted, and known in the crew Must have all puzzles under piracy as solid or higher, as well as two masters and One of these puzzles must be ranked as Grand-master or higher.
  • Senior officer: Must be known amongst the crew, and have the captain's trust. Must have at least 6 broads under piracy and be master or higher in all piracy puzzles. Must have 2 puzzles ranked as Grand-Master oceanwide, or one ultimate. must also possess the deed to a vessel or own a stall which can be used for the crew.
  • Captain: No Chance As Long As I Live.