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Broken Bottle
drop pattern
Equipped Fist Broken Bottle.png
Doubloons N/A
Decay rate 10 days

"Bottle" redirects here. For the use of a ship in a bottle, see Ship salvaging.

The broken bottle is one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. However, it cannot be purchased at shipyards like other bludgeons. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may be used by non-subscribers.

This is one of only two bludgeons with open spaces built into the drop pattern (the other being the fish), which causes interesting things. When you make a strike attack with the bottle, it will create holes in the opponent's board. If you make a strike attacks while there are holes in the opponent's board, then the opponent's board might become a very strange shape, and it seems to bruise your opponent's charged groups very easily in this case too. The sprinkle pattern is the generic ABCD pattern, so it is average at sprinkles.

The theme of the bottle appears to be making strange shaped boards, and dumping sprinkles over the strange shapes. The problem is that the color placement in the bottle's strike pattern is quite poor, and the board ends up looking much scarier than it actually is.

Having said all this, the strength of the bottle is that it appears to magnify any problems an opponent has with board management. If the opponent is poor at board management, then they might have a lot of difficulty with the bottle. If the opponent is good at board management, then you might be better off with a different bludgeon.

Some people enjoy using this weapon in group rumble. In this case, someone will use a bottle, someone else will use a bludgeon with a good strike pattern, and they will both attack the same person at the same time. This hopefully will cause the opponent's board to contain weird shapes that are difficult to clear.

The only way to get a broken bottle is to get them from Sea Monster Hunting; Ocean Masters do not give out bottles under any circumstances.[1] They were also awarded as gifts as part of the third PoEmail's "Mystery Gift" promotion.

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