Hook (bludgeon)

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drop pattern
Equipped Fist Hook.png
Doubloons N/A
Decay rate N/A

The hook is substituted in place of a bludgeon in rumbling when no other bludgeon is equipped and the pirate has received a hook injury from being on board a sinking ship. Alternatively, a hook will be used when the "No bludgeons" option has been selected. This presents a slight advantage to pirates who have received the hook, since the "No bludgeons" option will only allow bare fists for players who do not have the injury. However, some players believe that the bare fists can be better than a hook, and as such do not seek to earn it.

Hooks are not held in inventory, nor can they be purchased at shipyards, however they are used in rumble and are therefore considered to be one of the sixteen available bludgeons.

Although the drop pattern itself remains the same for all hooks, the colors in the pattern are determined by the skintone of the pirate, if used during a bludgeon-permitted rumble. If the rumble is "No bludgeons", then standardized drop pattern colors are used instead.

The hook pattern is the same as the gaff pattern.

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