Bare fists

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Bare Fists
drop pattern
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Doubloons N/A
Decay rate N/A

The bare fists are substituted in place of a bludgeon in rumbling when no other bludgeon is equipped. Alternatively, bare fists are used when the "No bludgeons" option has been used.

Bare fists are not held in inventory, nor can they be purchased at shipyards, however they are used in rumble so they may be considered one of the sixteen available bludgeons.

Although the drop pattern itself remains the same for all bare fists, the colors in the pattern are determined by the skintone of the pirate if used during a bludgeon-permitted rumble. If the rumble is "No bludgeons", then standardized drop pattern colors are used for all participants instead.

The most exciting thing about the fists is the multi-row sprinkles. The single row might be YYY (Yellow, Yellow, Yellow), and the multi-row might be CYC (Cyan, Yellow, Cyan). This is the only bludgeon where the multi-row sprinkles only have one point of contact for the middle of the board. This can make the middle of the board very annoying to clear.

The bare fists are sometimes compared to the hook, since they are the two bludgeons used in "no bludgeon" matches. The hook is better for people who can't send giant sprinkle attacks, and the fists are better for people who can send giant sprinkle attacks.

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