Belaying pin

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Belaying Pin
drop pattern
Equipped Fist Belaying Pin.png
Doubloons 1
Decay rate 30 days

The belaying pin is one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. It can be purchased at shipyards. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may be used by non-subscribers. However, on doubloon oceans, there is a doubloon fee associated with its delivery.

The belaying pin takes a lot of work to be useful. The vertical lines in the right hand side of the strike pattern might cause the board to become weird shapes if you sprinkle while part of the verical lines have been cleared. The sprinkle pattern is the generic ABCD configuration, so it's average at sprinkles.

The left and right sides of the strike pattern are very different, so this bludgeon does have some hope to make good strikes. The key here is whether you are willing to play with the belaying pin long enough to find out what seems to work for you.

The pin can be a "poor man's blackjack", as it can spam small strikes like the blackjack can. Although it's not as effective as the blackjack, it is much cheaper than a blackjack. If you plan on Rumbling on an ocean where you are low on PoE, you might want to try using a pin, to give you something to Rumble with until you can get enough PoE to buy a blackjack.


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