Skull rings

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Skull Rings
drop pattern
Equipped Fist Skull Rings.png
Doubloons 8
Decay rate 90 days

The skull rings are one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. They can be purchased at shipyards. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may only be used by subscribers.

Although skull rings contain bruising in the strike pattern, their placement is not the greatest help. Large groups of the same color, in both the strike and sprinkle pattern, will create several "drop off" groups.

The skull rings tend to make large dropoff points on the left and right edges of your opponent's screen. In normal rumble, your opponent might be able to shoot a ball across the screen to cut through these dropoff points. However, in boxing, since you only have a launcher in the middle of the screen, it is much harder to cut through these dropoff points -- which makes the skull rings a bit more effective in boxing than it is in normal rumble.


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