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Biapalha is the captain and alchemist of the crew The Sage Coastguard, and princess of the flag Rebound. She is also the current governor of Paihia and Iocane Islands.


On her first day playing Puzzle Pirates, after months of concerns about extreme violence, Biapalha played simply because she found bilging "soothing". However on her first day, she met her friend to this day, Legolas. Together they founded the crew The Sage Coastguard and the flag Flag of Friends. Along with Androwsky, she and Legolas switched off being captain for the next 6 months or so. Legolas, who served as captain before the switching began, proposed that they join the flag Spontaneous Combustion. At some point between then and early 2015, the SCG left Spontaneous Combustion for Rebound.

Wish list

Biapalha has many hopes for the future some of which include:

  • Hosting flag events with numerous people.
  • Buying a black cat. Gifted by Chipps
  • Seeing new colors of cloth being added to the game.
  • Hopes to one day acquire a snake.


Biapalha managed up to ten stalls at one point, but decided to focus her attention on Scrimshaw Island. She currently owns or manages these stalls:


  • Cats
    • Chip, a black cat named after Chipps
    • Van Gogh, a limited edition Mala Green Cat
    • Srekas, a gray cat "rescued" from an auction
    • Snowball, a white cat bought by Chipps, but ended up in the hands of Biapalha
    • Galileu, a limited edition Golden Cat.
  • Dogs
    • Sky, a white dog bought from Legolas
    • Fang, a rescued almond dog.
  • Sheep
    • Lego,a white and black sheep which was a present from Legolas
  • Rats
    • Tiger, a yellow rat who belongs to Tigerfairy, but is being held by Biapalha
    • Mucha, a Chestnut rat who was Biapalha's first pet

Trinket collection

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