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Contributed in-game art by Arghhpirate

Arghhpirate is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean, formerly of the Viridian Ocean. She is currently a senior officer in the crew Back In Black, and a lady of the flag Corruption.


Arghhpirate started playing Puzzle Pirates in June 2008. She began her pirate life in the crew, Square Riggers, where she became familiar with the world of Puzzle Pirates. After a few months in Square Riggers, Arghhpirate joined the crew Death Request, captained by Holograph, as one of its first members, with pirates including Vallyn, Expirate, Rayaquaza and Gummybears. During her time in Death Request, Arghhpirate experienced new friendships, fun, and a few disasters, whilst at the same time, improving her puzzling skills, excelling in Sailing and Gunnery and eventually achieving ultimate in both. After a few issues in Death Request, Arghhpirate joined Gummybears' and Lillia's newly formed crew, The Aftermath, (now known as Yes), where she assumed a role of leadership, with others including Jippy and Worldpianist. In December 2009, Arghhpirate achieved #1 gunner for the first time after only a few months of having ultimate gunning.

In October 2010, Arghhpirate joined the crew Imperfection, shortly after leaving Yes, a big change after been a part of Yes for over a year and a half. In November 2010, Arghhpirate won her first familiar from that month's familiar carpentry competition, an orange monkey, which she named Waffles. In early February of 2011, Arghhpirate won a light blue seahorse from Ljgmf's Atlantis run, which she named Sago.

In February 2011, Arghhpirate changed crews, joining Convict and helping to establish Back In Black, where is now happily resides.


In-game art