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Gummybears is a pirate who resides on the Viridian Ocean. She is currently a senior officer of the crew Nirvana.


Gummybears started playing Puzzle Pirates on June 7th in 2008. Her main role is to be Redcheek's evil twin.

Gummybears aspires to be as much like Redcheek in every possible way. Redcheek is of course all powerful and mighty so a great role model for Gummy. She spends her days trying to be more like Red, learning to have some skills in Spades.

Gummybears main goal is to be as good at spades as Redcheek and hopes one day this will be a reality (FAT CHANCE).

Gummybears enjoys spending time with her hearties while living in the imaginary world of Puzzle Pirates.


  • Princess of the flag South of Sanity
  • Lady of the flag What A Ride
  • Captain of the crew Yes
  • Number 1 Spades Player on April 13th 2010
  • Ultimate Carpenter
  • Ultimate Forager
  • Ultimate Poker Player
  • Ultimate Spades Player
  • Ultimate Swordfighter
  • Excellent Overall winner in "Downhill Planking" on February 18, 2010

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