Anole Garden (Obsidian)

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Anole Garden
Favicon.png Anole Garden on the Obsidian Ocean
Medium island in the Straits o' Defiance Archipelago
Anole Garden (Obsidian).png

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Controlled by   Full of Shoob  
Governed by   Dazeyines
Navy color   Brown
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Anole Garden is a medium island located in the Straits o' Defiance Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Lionhaven, Pride Island, Ridley's Valor, and an inter-archipelago route to Triplet's Treasure.

Natural resources

This island spawns iron and iris root.


Booty Deposits
Commodities market 
Wood Wanted
Anole Liquors (bazaar)
The Outhouse (right-facing cottage)
Fire Inn the Hole
Iron monger 
Backdoor Cannons (bazaar)
Shiny Porcelain Throne
Wrong Hull (bazaar)

Dusted Buildings
Glory Hull (upgraded shipyard)
Not Dhown There (upgraded shipyard)
Pawn Star-Fish (trading post)
Bum Deals (estate Agent)


On August 14, 2018, Anole Garden was transferred to Jinx and became the fourth island on Obsidian to be opened for blockade.

On the northern part of the island near the staircases, a stone lantern contains an inscription which reads: "This island were fashioned by Yngvild."


Anole I, 2018-08-18 - Guerrilla Warfare defeated the Brigand King flag Jinx in a three-round sinking blockade to colonize the island.

Anole II, 2018-10-20 - Guerrilla Warfare successfully defended against Amateur Hour; AH won one round, but pulled out to focus on other blockades.

Anole III, 2018-11-03 - Guerrilla Warfare defeated the Brigand King flag Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness, 3-0.

Anole IV, 2018-11-11 - Clap Back wins island from event aimed to encourage the blockade scene from Guerrilla Warfare.