Bananas in Arms

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Bananas in Arms at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Jinxplus of Just Because
Member crew(s) Impending Insanity, Just Because, Hic Haec Hook, The Harem Pirates
Founded 26 December, 2007
Allies Good Grief, The Knights Templer
Wars None
Last updated on 29 September, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Bananas in Arms is a flag on the Emerald Ocean. Previously known as Pirates Inc, it was founded December 26th, 2007.


Pirates Inc was the blockade flag of Good Grief. It was founded by the crew Charlie's Bananas and first monarch was Easy of Charlie's Bananas. Good Grief were constantly allied to Pirates Inc and had run all their blockades in Pirates Inc.

In 9 June, 2010, crew The Mad Tea Party joined Pirates Inc, and Charlie's Bananas has left the flag.

At some stage in late 2010 the flag was renamed Bananas in Arms.

In March 2012 Simonmanc of Just Because disappeared from the crew and appeared with a new crew, The Grand Dynasty, in the flag.

Pirate Hall

On 17th March 2012 Jinxplus, Gypsyjayne and Gypsyhuggy decided, on a whim, that their crew (Just Because) needed a holiday home. Having all originated on the Sage/East side of the newly merged Emerald Ocean it was decided to holiday on the Hunter/West side.

Unfortunately Jinxplus had some kind of blonde moment and accidentally bought a Flag Hall instead of a Crew Hall. Now they spend holidays at their Fine Flag Hall on Sayers Rock


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 7 June 2008 Gauntlet XIX Attacking Yes Passive Aggression vs. Pirates Inc, Undeclared 0:3:1 Won island
2 14 June 2008 Gauntlet XX Defending No Pirates Inc vs. Good Grief, Chuck Norris 0:3:1 Lost island