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With its friendly social atmosphere, Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates has a thriving and active user community. Many users post fan art to the forums.

To help encourage creative pirates, Nemo heads Art Forums in The Mariner's Muse. Each Art Forum project starts with a subject of a suitably piratical bent. Then, any who wish to participate do a sketch of the subject. Participants range from complete beginners to professional artists. The community comments and gives advice and praise, and the artists move forward with the work using a variety of mediums. Eventually everyone finishes a piece, we all discuss them and compliment each other and start over with a new subject. It's great fun and can improve the work of the amateur and master alike.

There's even an on-going contest for player created portrait backgrounds where winning entries selected by Nemo are used as limited edition backgrounds in game.


To take a screenshot of the game, use one of the following methods.

  • Type the chat command /print. This will save an image of the game window to the desktop.
  • Press Control-p. This will save an image of the game window to the desktop.
  • Press Command-Shift-3 if using a Macintosh computer. This will save an image of the entire screen to the desktop.
  • Press the Alt and Print Screen buttons if using a Windows computer. This will save an image of the currently active window to the clipboard. This image then needs to be pasted into a graphics editing program.

Graphics editing

There are many free programs available for graphics editing. All Windows computers come with MSPaint, a basic eding program that allows for simple manipulations such as resizes. A list of various drawing programs can be found at the end of this article.

Other Links

Puzzle Pirates' Art Community


  • Yohoho Tools - free, program used to create islands and scenes similar to the game
  • Paint Shop Pro - free 30 day trial available
  • The GIMP - free, emulates many functions of Adobe Photoshop, but can be difficult to learn how to use for beginners
  • Medibang Paint - free to use depending on version downloaded. Is multiplatform (PC, Android, iOS) with a user account and 3GB cloud storage. Used mainly for 2D illustrations.
  • - collaborative art canvas for 2D illustrations that runs in a browser.

Further resources and programs can be found here.

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