Anegada Island (Emerald)

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Anegada Island
Favicon.png Anegada Island on the Emerald Ocean
Outpost island in the Horse Head Archipelago
Anegada Island (Emerald).png

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Controlled by   Late Night Hoes  
Governed by   Rangeaus
Navy color   Pink
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
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Anegada Island is an outpost island in the Horse Head Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Lyonesse Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Chachapoya Island in the Orion Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns lorandite.


Anegada currently has a lunar naming theme, inspired by the island's distinct crescent shape, akin to a moon.

Crescent Fort
Lunar Vessels
Dusted buildings
Bonefish Ironworks (iron monger)
Chief Machakw's Canoes (shipyard)


Anegada Island was originally located on the Hunter Ocean. On the southeastern rock ridge the inscription reads, "This island were fashioned by Waterbug."

This island is named for Anegada, one of the British Virgin Islands.


Anegada I, 2008-09-08: Rebel Rousers colonized Anegada, defeating Ice Wyrm's Brood in a three-round sinking blockade. It is interesting to note that the Brynhild Skullsplitter's fleet were completely eradicated in the first round without the loss of a single vessel by Rebel Rousers.[1]

Anegada II, 2009-02-23: Rebel Rousers successfully defended Anegada against Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness in a three-round sinking blockade.

Anegada III, 2009-04-18: Rebel Rousers successfully defended Anegada against Chthonic Horde in a five-round sinking blockade.

Anegada IV, 2009-07-19: Coereced Coexistence took Anegada Island in a three-round non-sinking blockade. Rebel Rousers did not defend.

Anegada V, 2009-08-09: Illusion recolonized Anegada Island in a three-round sinking blockade.

2010-03-22: Anegada island was transferred from Illusion to The Swarm after they won a flag event hosted by Illusion

Anegada VI 2010-08-21: The Swarm successfully defended Anegada against The All-Consuming Flame

Anegada VII 2010-09-04: The Swarm successfully defended Anegada against -Tenacity- during a four round blockade. -Tenacity- withdrew after losing the 3rd round.

Anegada VIII 2010-09-11: The Swarm, after scuttling a ship of Azarbad the Great, pitches no defense against The All-Consuming Flame; they intended to give Anegada to the Brigand King. The All-Consuming Flame seizes control of Anegada.

Anegada IX 2010-09-18: -Tenacity- seizes Anegada from The All-Consuming Flame in a blockade lasting three rounds.

Anegada X 2010-10-30: -Tenacity- defends Anegada from Barnabas.

Anegada XI 2011-01-16: Good to Go takes control of Anegada from -Tenacity-.

Anegada XIV 2011-05-4: The Swarm took back Anegada after they defeated Jinx.