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This is a place for YPPedians to set out the minimum standards that must be met for them to approve of a request on YPPedia:Requests for adminship. Note that this page is not official policy on minimum requirements for adminship; it merely sets out the opinion of various users. Feel free to add your minimum standards to this table; try to keep the table alphabetized by username.

User Edit count standards, if any Time standards, if any Other notes
Barrister (talk) Substantial contributions to at least two pages (except flag and crew pages). Minor contributions to at least 30 other pages. At least 6 months of game experience. I will only support people who have shown good judgment when editing pages. (Beginner's mistakes won't be held against the candidate's first few edits). Strong English grammar and spelling are required (except for extraordinary cases). Organizational skills are highly valued, but not strictly required.
Cedarwings (talk) At least 200 edits with a strong preference for a variety of edits. At least 6 months of game experience and 3 months of wiki experience. Users that get my support need to have shown a regular contribution to the Yppedia with good levels of English spelling, grammar and punctuation. Having the ability to work with others and a calm level head when dealing with new or inexperienced users.
Fannon (talk) At least 200 edits to base quality off of. Strongly prefer a variety of edits. At least 6 months of game experience, with time spent above officer. At least a month of wiki experience. Users must exhibit sound fundamentals in wiki editing. Creativity and initiative are strong plusses, as is a lack of "bandwagon" mentality. Also, I consider it a must that a user ask for consensus before attempting to make large amounts of changes or before changing policies. The user must also show an ability to easily and patiently get along with other users.
Faulkston (talk) Quality and quantity of edits is important, with more weight on quality. 3-4 months of wiki experience, 4-6 months game experience. Candidate should be able to calmly handle situations. Demonstrated mastery of more advanced wiki features such as templates and tables is a plus. Willingness to come to a consensus is essential.
Featherfin (talk) A wide, varied range of edits demonstrating a good grasp of the YPPedia's technical aspects including substantial content-based contributions to at least three to five pages. A long-standing dedication to the YPPedia of at least 6 months of regular contributions, supported by a minimum of 6 months game experience. I support people who contribute to the YPPedia regularly with good levels of English, spelling, punctuation and grammar. I support users who are in touch with all aspects of the Y!PP community, and who display patience, diplomacy and the ability to compromise. A dedication to the YPPedia for its own sake rather than treating an adminship as a goal or target is key.
Fiddler (talk) Substantial edits to a small set of articles or multiple edits across a wide variety of subjects. At least 6 weeks wiki experience (at the YPPedia or another reputable wiki.) At least three months game experience, preferably with some time as an officer or above. Experience on both doubloon and subscription oceans is plus. Users who have refrained from creating vanity or advertising pages rank highly in my mind. Also, users who have found an undeveloped niche of the YPPedia and developed it show the necessary commitment. A good ability to work with others and to avoid confrontation with new and/or inexperienced users is also a highly necessary skill.
Guppymomma (talk) A record of more than 250 edits to be able to adequately see their wiki editing history. At least 3 months of game experience I'd support good users that seem like they'd make a good admin if they've demonstrated a desire to further the goals of the wiki as evidenced by their edits and demeanor. Good use of the edit summary field is also needed along with evidence that they know the meaning of alphabetical order. I would suggest that prospective admins read the discussion on this talk page, especially Barrister's comments at the end of the page.
Muffynz (talk) A variety of different edits both minor and major. Construction of at least 2 complete, unique pages. (Not flag, crew, or pirate pages.) A substantial amount of work to draw upon when making an admin voting decision. At least 6 months game experience, preferably with a wide variety of positions and ranks held. I would like to see admins who are eager to make the complicated edits and won't shirk at having to learn something new to accomplish their goals. Half of wiki editing is watching others edit pages and learn from their coding. Willingness to ask questions and seek answers, a polite and level headed demeanor when dealing with other editors, and basic template and coding knowledge are a must.
Piplicus (talk) At least 250 edits, showing an eye for detail, precision, and good phrasiology where appropriate. At least 6 months of game experience, and enough time on the wiki to pick up the concepts of MediaWiki formatting. I tend not to weigh in on RfA as much as the other admins, but I will vote for a strong candidate. If a candidate has a strong editing history, and a good grasp of formatting, and are able to write with a neutral tone about any political issue, and I've seen this editing, I will vote for that candidate.
Ponytailguy (talk) At least 10 unique and different substantial edits, be they new pages, major contributions to existing ones, or adding of original charts/art/visual aides. Enough experience to get your head around the wiki and be right more often than not. This is a person-to-person thing, so there is no month-based target for me. If you've been bold, if you've been nice, if you've been patient, and if you've been correct, you've got my vote.
Yaten (talk) Enough to judge candidate's history. At least 3 months of game experience, preferably enough wiki experience to be fairly comfortable with wiki markup. I'd vote in support of any user who looks like they have a genuine desire to improve and expand the wiki—I am highly partial to users who contribute to discussion and community pages, and all users must use edit summaries. I also appreciate some interaction in-game with users before support or opposing their nominations.
Zava (talk) A variety of edits; prefer at least 250. I'd like to be able to see a progression as the editor learns. At least 3 months wiki and game experience. I look for a demonstrated ability to accept constructive criticism and the ability to learn without being specifically told. Showing a willingness to help other users is also quite good. Use of edit summaries is essential.