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To Do

  • Finish off the blockade project
  • Keep updating Current events
  • Keep updating the BoNB page
  • Work on the pirate page articles, especially BoNB-related ones.

About me

  • Began playing mid-April 2004.
  • Subscribed late April 2004.
  • Initially part of Dawn Traders, which later created the flag of Midnight Horizon
  • Parted ways in order to start crew Reality Bites, circa. 10th June - October
  • Won Bratticus, a parrot in the 12 days of Christmas event.
  • Joined Fandango on 17th January 2005
  • Regular blockade navigator
  • Ultimate (regular top 10) at distilling
  • Ultimate (regular top 10) at shipwrightery
  • Holder of the Jellied Eel, Bratty Pipfish, Fanned Ango, Marinated Sole, Adventurous Pipfish, Glorious Pipfish, Lazy Pipfish, Holey Carp and Tinned Tuna renamed ships.
  • Forum Tart
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Quote: "Never a terribly long crossword"
Strengths: Duty puzzles, chemistry
Weaknesses: Coding, history, geology, geomorphic gymnopsychology,


Projects, past and present

If you would like to contribute to projects that are incomplete and need help, I shall be very grateful for your assistance.



  • Blockade events:
    • Safety Pants
    • Ship Dominoes
    • Blockade Jam! (coming soon)
  • Y!PP Mole (Unfinished)
  • Y!PP:Deal or No Deal
  • Y!PP Jeopardy!
  • Y!PP Words Quiz
  • Creator of Blackpool '06 (although a LOT of the work involved must be credited to Dylan, Calamarie, Silverchris, Smiler, Fourking, Sailerboylee and a few others)
    • Blackpool Quiz
  • Writer of many other small quizzes


  • Spring 2005 Gaea Island Hemp Maze - 2 incarnations
  • Some 2005 OM Hallowe'en avatars:
  • Portrait-based avatars
  • Post of the Day awards
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