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Whizblade plays primarily on Sage, where he is an pirate of the crew Celestial Twilight.



Whizblade started the game in August 2005 after discovering YPP through friends who already played.

He lived his greenie days as a crew hopper, jumping from crew to crew. During one pillage, a couple of months into his pirate life, Whizblade got into a friendy argument with a pirate called Bova who, after the pillage ended, invited Whizblade to join his crew, Fallen Angels. Whizblade did, and he loved it.

Though content with being a pirate, a couple of weeks after Whizblade had joined Fallen Angels, a new member caught his attention. Her name was Pinkpiglet, and as she advanced quickly through the ranks Whizblade worked harder to gain officer rank.

One day Whizblade logged on the find that Pinkpiglet had left Fallen Angels. He immediately contacted her and joined her new crew, the crusaders and went straight in as senior officer and became lord of the flag The Kingdom Of Sage.

Soon, Whizblade heard that Pinkpiglet had once again changed crews, but this time had made her own, The Pink Pillagers of Sage. He followed her and joined, once again as senior officer but now as first mate. Once The Pink Pillagers of Sage had their own flag, The Scottish Flag (King Liquidsilver). Whizblade became a prince.

In November 2006, The Pink Pillagers of Sage merged with the crew Fearless Phoenix and fell under the captaincy of Ladyjai. Whizblade was still senior officer but lost his royalty position.

In July 2007 Whizblade joined The Missionaries following his clostest hearties who had recently joined.

More recently Whizblade has been crew hopping through a variety of different crews and is currently settled in Celestial Twilight.