Whisper Island (Obsidian)

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Whisper Island
Favicon.png Whisper Island on the Obsidian Ocean
Medium island in the Darkling Seas Archipelago
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Controlled by   Full of Shoob  
Governed by   Dgk
Navy color   Unknown
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Whisper Island is a medium island located in the Darkling Seas Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Flatback Rift, Moonlight Cove, Night Harbour, and an inter-archipelago route to Triplet's Treasure.

Natural resources

This island spawns sugar cane and lily of the valley. They can be bid on at the commodities market.


Commodities market 
Silent Auction
Distill of the Night (bazaar)
Echo Base (right-facing townhouse)
Iron Monger 
Cloak and Dagger (bazaar)
Fortress of Solitude
Silence of the Sloops (bazaar)

Dusted buildings
Clandestine Cutters
Echo Base (never-completed townhouse; rebuilt later in a different location)
Passed Out (never-completed inn)
Muffled Masts (shipyard)
Cave of Wonders (trading post)
Whispers of the World (explorers' hall)
Shot in the Dark (upgraded ironmonger)
Sound of Silence (upgraded shipyard)
Working Quietly (estate agent)


On or near August 28, 2018, Whisper Island was transferred to Jinx and became the fifth island on Obsidian to be opened for blockade.

On the middle-western side of the island, there is a sword in a barrel with an inscription that reads: "This island were fashioned by Sadiekate."


Whisper I, 2018-09-01 - Veto defeated the Brigand King flag Jinx in a three-round sinking blockade to colonize the island. Throwing Ape Ship was also a contender.

Whisper II, 2018-09-08 - Vetolost to Amateur Hour zero to three.

Whisper III, 2018-09-15 - Amateur Hour rebuffed an attack by Veto and Stranger Tides with a score of three to zero.

Whisper IV, 2018-09-22 - Amateur Hour lost control of the island in a zero to three attack by Brenda, during a multi-drop blockade effort (also involving Loggerhead, Melanaster, and Magpie).

Whisper V, 2018-09-30 - Amateur Hour attacked Brenda and won three to zero.

Whisper VI, 2018-10-06 - Amateur Hour did not defend, losing the island to Brenda.

Whisper VII, 2018-10-13 - Vetodropped, but didn't show up.

Whisper VIII, 2018-10-27 - Brenda defeated an attack by Black Veil with a score of three to zero.

Whisper IX, 2018-12-1 - Anchor Issues took the island when Brenda did not defend.

Whisper X, 2018-12-9 - Veto attacked and defeated Anchor Issues who pulled out in round 2.

Whisper XI, 2019-1-6 - Vetodefended successfully against The All-Consuming Flame with a score of three to one.

Whisper XII, 2019-1-12 - Felix Culpa attacked and defeated Veto with a score of three to zero.

Whisper XIII, 2019-2-17 - Felix Culpa successfully defended against The Enlightened with a score of three to two.

Whisper XIV, 2019-3-9 - Veto attacked and defeated Felix Culpa

Whisper XV, 2019-3-17 - Veto defended successfully against Felix Culpa. OMs closed the blockade after 2 rounds.

Whisper XVI, 2019-6-1 - No Bamboozles defeated Veto 3-0. Veto did not contest.