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Familiars Won
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Wackyketchup is the senior officer of the crew Skeletons on the Emerald Ocean and is a member of the flag Illuminatti.


About Wacky

Wackyketchup can usually be seen hanging around The Mad Professor's Closet, which she manages on Aimuari Island, buying clothes or talking to Loveninjas, Earendill, Polux, or Teet. She loves talking about anything and everything with her hearties and flaggies. Sometimes Wacky can be seen sitting in the inn for hours at a time singing and dancing and creating conversations with random people. She loves to puzzle on CIs and pillys with her friends, and especially loves gunning for Sparrowsjack.

History on Hunter

Wackyketchup started out in the crew Surfing Dolphins under the captain, Zumos, and first mate, Antigono. She remained in the crew, working her way up to fleet officer until Antigono left and created his own crew, Eternal Fire. She then joined Eternal Fire and became senior officer. After a while, many of the other senior officers began trying new things, so Wacky decided to start her own crew. She began a crew called The Fire Within. After a few months, she merged with former senior officer of Eternal Fire and now captain, Earendill and his crew The Force Unleashed. After several months in The Force Unleashed, Wackyketchup and Loveninjas created the crew Frolicking Chinchillas. When Wacky and Polux gave Teet her own crew for Christmas, Teet ended up bringing most everyone back together. 6 months later Teet left the flag EAC which Wacky was very fond of, so she joined the Skeletons, where she still is today.

What she loves about the game


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