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Navy Rank

Teet is the captain of Defiant Existence and is a lady in the flag Vexed Ronin on the Hunter Ocean.


About Teet

Teet can usually be seen talking to either Aislinn, Loveninjas, Wackyketchup, Polux, or Earendill. She loves to wear anything that she considers to be amazing, and usually wears clothes that she considers to be amazingly cute.

History on Hunter

Teet started off in the crew The Faithfuls. While in this crew she made friends with many people and one of the many people she made friends was Scaarlett. After being in this crew for a few months, Teet started to feel like she was missing out on something, so she left the crew. She went from crew to crew for over three months, and got tired of it. So she started her own crew, called Ninjas of Darkness.

While this being her first time of her ever being a captain she got tired of it really fast, so after about a month she sold the crew to one of her hearties that was looking to buy a crew. She remained in this crew as a senior officer for about a month. She soon got tired of the Vivilicious, whom she refers to as the tyrant. A few days after leaving the crew, Teet stumbled across Aislinn and they quickly became friends. While they were becoming friends, Aislinn was having crew trouble, so she left her crew and decided to start her own with Teet as a senior officer.

The new crew Aislinn started was called Desvelado. While Teet and Aislinn were in this crew together, it grew very fast. The two friends therefore decided to start their own flag, Dark Nightmare. In doing so, both the flag and the crew grew to celebrated fame. Teet became a princess in the flag. Once again, Teet felt like she was missing something, so after a few days of talking with Aislinn they decided that if Teet left the crew, it would not damage their friendship at all. So Teet set off to her new crew, The Force Unleashed.

While being fairly new to the crew, the captain Earendill made Teet's position fleet officer. Even though Teet was new to the crew, she started to do many greeter pillages to help new-comers to the game. Soon after she joined, she felt a little tension in the crew, so she left and when to Random Sunshine. But after two months in this crew, she felt like she needed to do something more in the game, so she went to her friend's crew Back From Exile.

While in the crew Back From Exile, Teet made some new friends, but then felt she needed something new so she moved around from crew to crew for a while, but then she made the crew Defiant Existence and she remains there to this day.

Future Goals

  • Own a familiar for every outfit!
  • Become ultimate on every puzzle!
  • Be known by almost everyone on the Hunter Ocean!


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