Skeletons (crew)

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Skeletons at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Dwizzles
Senior Officer(s) Alikatt, Gooberz, Isaiasnaruto
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Illuminatti
Founded 28 December, 2006
Last updated on 2 January, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info

Skeletons is a crew under the flag Illuminatti on the Emerald Ocean, formerly the Hunter Ocean, and was founded originally as The Crazy Pirates on December 28th, 2006.

Public statement

Save pillaging!

Extended public statement

Please take the time to read a few general notes on our core values.

  1. There is no "I" in team(or on a good pirate's face)-Be respectful, helpful, and courteous at all times. We are all here to help each other have fun and meet each other's goals.
  2. Pixels don't have noses, but humans do-At all times, you are to act as a representative of your crew and flag. Be NICE! Share your toys!
  3. Your crew members are not Poe machines. We are more than happy to help you achieve your financial goals, but let us help you work towards a goal or teach you how to make your own poe.
  4. Hunter Bazaar or the Inn is for selling items-DONT TRY IT in crew or flag chat.
  5. While stats are important to a degree, telling others that you are ULTIMATE of ULTIMATES will ultimately result in your ultimate dismissal from the crew and sarcastic comments from Dwizzles.
  6. Never forget that YPP is just a game. HAVE FUN!
  7. The Captain and SOs are here for a reason. How can we make your experience better? COMMUNICATE

Crew articles

Promotion requirements/rules

  • Have Broad/Distinguished in all to be promoted! It will not count if your standing in the puzzle is able.
  • Promotions are typically done before or after a pillage. Please do not spam officers with requests for promotions.
  • Cabin person: Just ask an officer.
  • Pirate: Have Broad experience in Sailing, Carpentry, Bilging and some experience/skill in Gunnery (Subject to promoting officers opinion).
  • Officer: Have Broad Gunning, Broad Navigating, and Narrow Battle Navigation. Also be in the crew for over a week so we can get to know you.

Important notes

Crew history

When the crew was founded on December 28, 2006, it was named The Crazy Pirates. On October, 2007 they changed the name to Skeletons for Halloween. After October had passed, they tried to change the name back to The Crazy Pirates but weren't able to because someone had taken the name while they were Skeletons. They stayed with the name Skeletons and soon began to like it better.

The Crazy Pirates (Skeletons) was founded by Wesco and then given to Ben. In June, 2008 Ben decided to announce his retirement from Puzzle Pirates to begin college and left the crew under Isaiasnaruto's hands.

The captaincy has since passed into the hands of Dwizzles.

Flag affiliation history

  • Skeletons's first flag was in Razorblade Romance but then there was some issues with having no royalty and the flag fleet being stuck in an account that was banned. They left the flag afterwards.
  • Skeletons's second flag was Castigo X where they stayed for many months. They were satisfied with how the flag was run, taking and controlling five islands (the most that any flag had ever controlled at one time on the Hunter Ocean). Skeletons were promised and received two royalty spots. One of these two royals went dormant and when Skeletons asked to have the spot changed to another crew member, the request was denied which was the beginning of the end for Skeletons in Castigo X. One thing lead to another and skeletons left the flag.
  • Skeletons's third flag was Slayers Rebellion. Skeletons weren't able to stay in that flag for long since Castigo X kept declaring war on any flag they joined. Swashbearder, the monarch of the flag didn't want any trouble so Skeletons left the flag.
  • Skeletons's fourth flag was Corripe Cervisiam where they stayed for a couple of months. They were very happy with the flag and successfully took Pukru Island. Dannyt, the monarch of Corripe Cervisiam, decided to leave Hunter and to make Ben the new monarch of the flag which would have been great but he also took with him a recent flag donation of 1 million PoE. This did not go over well with the crews under Corripe Cervisiam and they started leaving the flag. Eventually, when there were no other crews left, Skeletons decided to join another one.
  • Skeletons's fifth flag was Beyond the veil. Skeletons were doing great in the flag until the queen, Cairna, started to do decisions without consulting the royalty. There was no teamwork in the flag so Skeletons decided to leave the flag and join or make a new one.
  • Skeletons's sixth flag is Vexed Ronin. Skeletons got tired of joining flags and being unappreciated, or just being used because of their numbers, so they made their own flag. The flag was incredibly successful and was able to take over Saiph island. The flag disbanded for financial difficulties caused by Invicta during Pukru IX
  • Skeletons' seventh flag, was EAC where Isaiasnaruto had been able to govern Saiph Island once again.

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