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Familiars Won

Contributions and Awards

On the Viridian Ocean.

On the Sage Ocean.

On the Hunter Ocean.

On the Midnight Ocean.

On the Cobalt Ocean.


--Please note the following--

The real Vincanity retired from the game in early 2008. The current pirate Vincanity is suggested by many to be different person. However there is no solid evidence to prove he is an impostor, or indeed the real one.

  • Has many stats that are different from the old pirate
  • Has a very different style of swordfighting
  • Some hearties are similar
  • Any similarities of behavior/personality are undetermined.
  • Both pirates seem to enjoy Sea Battle and are frequently spotted Battle Navigating

The following information is based on the old pirate, before his named was deleted from inactivity and then brought back a year later.

Vincanity won the first Odds and Ends familiar auction on Viridian, on the 13th of May 2006, winning a Black/Maroon Parrot named Gambit.

Vincanity started in March 2005, on the Viridian Ocean, though he is known to have dabbled in the Midnight Ocean.

Vincanity is a known excellent puzzler, with Ultimates and Legendary's in most Piracy Puzzles, and has won many Sword Fighting tournaments, including one with 300K prize pool, he is also an avid Poker player, and usually found at parlor tables.

Vincanity can also be found on these pirates on other Oceans:

  • Vincanity and Tealeafs on Viridian
  • Vincanity and Frown on Sage
  • Vincanity on Hunter
  • Vincanity and Corrode on Midnight
  • Vincanity on Cobalt
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